$ 2,000.00

In this piece I decided to use an unconventional media to bring attention to a topic relevant to a current problem. This baby quilt is constructed of over 400 hundred condoms. I referenced female contraceptives along the edges with differently colored pink pill circles. There are fewer of them then the condoms, because male contraceptives are cheaper and more available. With the entirety of this quilt I wanted to express the importance of protection beyond protecting yourself from disease or pregnancy. It protects the unborn drug addicted or HIV positive child, the woman that cannot safely deliver a baby, and a child from being born into extreme poverty. The surface picture of birds and bees talks about that coming of age conversation, where parents teach their children to protect themselves. Through this beautiful, fun, and colorful baby quilt surface, I wanted emphasize the importance of contraceptives not just for adults, but for unborn children, and children becoming adults.

Currently in gallery show, Honorable Mention.

Over 400 to 500 Condoms, Felt, Trim, Machine Quilted

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