Welcome to our website where we feature art to celebrate, wear, gift and enjoy! September 13 2014

We are excited about sharing our art, inspirations and plans. Much of our group’s inspiration comes from nature. Its forms, colors, beauty and spirit scenes such as this picture of the Doe and Fawn taken in our backyard. We want use the blog to provide you the customer with information on current and future products, more in depth information on all of our members, art shows, special projects and in the future a means to obtain your feedback/appreciation of our products and recommendations for future products and site plans.

Our artists are a family and friends group who have a passion for the creative arts in quilting, fiber arts, photograph, jewelry, sculpture and painting. The artists in the group include, Darla Andree (fiber arts), Elizabeth Edwards (fiber arts), Katie Turpenoff (metals art, jewelry, sculpture) Sherry Turpenoff (fiber arts) and myself, Joe Galbraith (photography). By Joe Galbraith